Barrie Huntbach mural

I often pop up to Emmaus to see my late father's mural on the walls of the superstore. It was painted specifically for the Emmaus Community.  My father, Barrie Huntbach (1935 - 2006)  lived all his life in Portslade, and sold his work mostly at local exhibitions, but he also gave a number of paintings away, as well as leaving those held by the family.


We have a number of photographs of his paintings, but not all of them were thus recorded. So you can imagine my delight when Andy Hobbs, rang me to say that one of my father's paintings had been donated to Emmaus.

Being familiar with the Emmaus mural Andy recognised my father's painting style immediately, and luckily the donated piece was also signed (he didn't sign every piece), so there was no doubt. But I had to come up and see it straight away for myself.

When the painting was revealed it made my heart leap. It wasn't one that I knew so it really was seeing a treasure from the past. Titled, The Housekeeper, the image has the characteristic elements to it of my father's work from the 1990s; the geometric infill shapes, the wood grain  (here as a chair),  stylised flowers, and theatrical figures. It is an absolute gem!

Andy explained that the painting had been donated following the death of another artist. I'm guessing that no one inheriting his estate wanted this painting- and there may be others out there. As a family we are  keen to re-united with  artworks by our father. We recognise that the Barrie Huntbach style isn't necessarily what everyone wants on the wall. We will be making a donation to Emmaus for The Housekeeper.

If anyone does have a Barrie Huntbach painting or drawing that needs re-housing we can be contacted via Andy Hobbs at Emmaus Brighton. I wonder how many other treasures are out there?