Brighton Companions Chris and Martin

along with ex-Medway Companion Zeke, are currently training for the Brighton Marathon on April 15th this year, and are hoping for some generous sponsorship.

Chris, who came to Brighton six months ago, is a seasoned runner, having completed the 2016 London Marathon in 5 hours, 24 minutes and 39 seconds. It was a memorable day, cheered on by members of the Medway Community who   managed to sneak into the VIP enclosure to watch his final stage. Chris admits that he was “never so glad to see Buckingham Palace!” but is keen to beat his time this year on a new course.

The Companions take their training seriously, running four nights a week and on Sundays. Chris prefers to train at the end of his working day , finding that his eight hours in the Emmaus warehouse moving furniture serves as a good warm up. He’s enjoying the side benefits – he’s lost weight since he began the programme, is avoiding fried foods and sleeping well – but is especially looking forward to the excitement of the event itself:

“I can’t say enough for the general public – the support you get going round is amazing.”

Chris has been a Companion, in various Emmaus Communities, for twelve years. His dream is to find a decently paid job in removals, get himself a quiet little flat and live independently again. In the         meantime he’s devoting a lot of time and energy into serving the Community that’s supported him. If you’d like to sponsor our Emmaus Marathon runners, please go to: