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BREAKFAST MENU (Served all day)


The All Day revive@emmaus Breakfast
2 eggs (fried or scrambled), a Cumberland sausage, 2 rashers of bacon & your choice of baked beans, fresh grilled tomatoes or tinned tomatoes. It also comes with two slices of toast & butter and a mug of our Fairtrade tea.

There will be a surcharge for the following items:

Instant coffee or speciality tea 30p
Hot chocolate 60p
One of our espresso-based coffees £1.10
Emmaus Breakfast Vegetarian
2 Hash browns instead of bacon & a veggie sausage
2 Eggs fried or scrambled £1.60
         on toast £2.50
Extra Egg 80p
Bacon 90p
Sausage 90p
Beans 85p
Mushrooms £1.20
Toast / bread & butter 90p
Hash Brown 80p
Veggie Sausages x 2 £1.50
Tomatoes Grilled / Tinned 85p
Black Pudding £1.00
Sausage Sandwich £3.00
Bacon Sandwich £3.00
Fried egg sandwich (2 eggs) £2.50
A 3-egg omelette with one of the following fillings; cheese, ham, tomato or mushroom. Served with a small salad garnish.
Any additional fillings


60p each


Battered Cod with Chips and lemon  
Small (5oz min.) £4.00
Regular (8oz min.) £5.00
Mushy peas or baked beans 80p extra
Emmaus Burger
A 6oz (uncooked weight) beef burger served in a floured bap with a small salad garnish.
Add a portion of chips £1.75 extra
Add cheese 70p extra
Add a slice of bacon 90p extra
Cheesy Chips
A bowl of chips topped with melted Cheddar cheese
Without cheese £1.75
Homemade soup of the day with crusty bread & butter
Please see specials notices for today’s soup
Emmaus Welsh Rarebit
A combination of Cheddar cheese, creamy béchamel, Worcester sauce and a few spices served baked on top of crusty bread. (Contains egg)
Top with a fried egg 80p extra
Small £3.00
Large £4.25
Caesar salad our way
Mixed leaves tossed in a creamy dressing made with parmesan cheese, olive oil and anchovies, topped with croutons and parmesan shavings
Add cold chicken breast £2.50
Add strips of grilled bacon £1.75
Add both chicken and bacon £4.00
Greek Salad our way
Lettuces tossed in olive oil, basil and balsamic vinegar topped with tomatoes, cucumber, red onions, black olives and crumbled feta cheese
Small £3.00
Large £4.25
These are served with a crusty baguette & butter, sweet pickle and pickled vegetables.
Please choose one of the following:
  • Cheddar (v)
  • Brie (v)
  • Stilton (v)
  • Cumberland Sausage (2 per portion)
Or Prawn with either Marie Rose or plain mayo




Served on a crusty baguette, your choice of filling is layered on top of crispy iceberg lettuce & finished by melting a cheese topping under our grill.

Mushroom & Cheddar (v) £4.75
Brie & bacon £5.50
Tuna & mayonnaise with cheddar £5.00
Chicken with Stilton £5.75
Traditional cheese on toast


£1.65 / slice


A half size portion of one of our sandwiches on white or malted brown bread £1.95
Beans on toast  
1 slice 95p
2 slices £1.75
2 fish fingers & chips (with peas or beans at no extra cost) £2.20
2 pork sausages with chips (with peas or beans at no extra cost) £2.20
A small bowl of the soup of the day served with a slice of bread & butter £1.50
Kid's bowl of chips




Please choose your choice of filling from the list below and advise us when ordering, how you would like it served: as a sandwich or on top of a Jacket Potato, which is £1.00 extra

Plain jacket with or without butter £3.25
Add beans 85p extra
Grated Cheddar cheese £2.95
Tuna with mayonnaise £3.70
Egg mayonnaise (v) £2.95
Ham (with or without English mustard) £3.70
Chicken (just on its own or with mayo) £3.75
Chicken & bacon with mayonnaise £4.25
Prawn with Marie Rose sauce £4.25
Prawn with mayonnaise £4.25
Feel free to ask for sliced tomatoes or cucumber or lettuce on your sandwich 30p extra / item
All three




Cappuccino £2.00
Latte £2.25
Espresso, flat white or black coffee £1.60
Fairtrade tea 90p
Hot chocolate  
Regular £1.50
Small £1.10
Glass £1.25
Cup 75p
Fruit / Herbal Tea £1.00
Decaf / Instant coffee £1.10
Fairtrade fruit juices £1.20
Still or sparkling water £1.20
Coke, Diet Coke, Tango & 7UP cans 90p
Break time milk drinks: Chocolate, Strawberry or Banana




A warm scone with jam & butter £2.25
Double chocolate muffin £1.25
Try one of our Cakes
(Ask at the counter for today’s choices)
Cream Tea — A fruit scone served warm with butter, clotted cream, jam and a cup of Fairtrade tea or instant coffee. £4.00 / person
The Revive afternoon tea for 2
2 warm scones, with butter, jam and clotted cream, cakes and a selection of finger sandwiches served on a homemade stand with a pot of Fairtrade tea covered with a cosy made by our “Goodwill co-op” volunteers
Packet of two Fairtrade cookies, various flavours 90p
Crumpets — extra thick and toasted until crispy on the outside and soft in the middle, served with butter £2.25
With a cup of Fairtrade tea or instant coffee £2.75
Portion of jam 25p
Toasted Tea Cake — Classic large fruited tea cake split & toasted until golden brown served with butter £1.95
With a cup of Fairtrade tea or instant coffee £2.45
Ice cream
Chocolate, Strawberry or Vanilla served either in a bowl with a Florentine wafer or on a cone
1 scoop 90p
2 scoops £1.75
3 scoops £2.40