How to join as a Companion

How to join and become a resident Companion

An individual can apply directly to the Community Leader (address and phone number below) to request a place in the Community but if they are already living in a hostel or are perhaps sleeping rough but in contact with a referring organisation we ask that organisation to make the application for them.

If your organisation would like to refer someone to the Emmaus Community with a request for their admission as a Companion you will be asked to fill in a confidential referral form and post or email it back. If you use email please write 'referral' and the applicant's name in the email header.

Referral form

Please read the information at the top of this page and explain it to the applicant, especially all rules referred to on page 7,  as we are not suitable for everyone.

The Community Leader is in charge of Admissions and referrals.  If you would like to speak with him in confidence his direct number is 01273 426475. If you do not get an immediate answer you can leave a message on his voicemail and he will get back to you. He is normally available Tuesdays to Saturdays.

You can also email him or write to him at: 
Community Leader, Emmaus Brighton & Hove,
Drove Road, Portslade, Brighton BN41 2PA