Geordie's story

Eleven years ago he came to Emmaus Brighton & Hove for the first time

Geordie, as he’s known to everyone at Emmaus, has done a load of different jobs over the years. Furniture removals, hotel work, long distance lorries, carpentry – he even worked with a travelling fairground. He’s had a broad life experience and a number of what he calls “lovely homes.” But his philosophy is that nothing lasts forever.

Some years back David (his real name) lost his job and his flat and, as he puts it: “woke up in the gutter.” He tried to hold it together by maintaining a full time job, even whilst he was sleeping rough, but, as he says, trying to put in a day’s work when the cold has kept you awake till 4am is near impossible. Eleven years ago he came to Emmaus Brighton & Hove for the first time, after meeting other Companions on the monthly soup run. He’s been in and out of the Community several times since, returning eighteen months ago in what he suspects may be a permanent move.

The place certainly seems to suit Geordie, who works on the home team, keeping the communal areas clean and tidy. He also recently became a Community Assistant. The CA role, a bridge between Companions and management, means extra duties and being available to any Companions who need support, a position that Geordie seems to relish:

”There’s always someone with a problem. It’s good to care about people, and nice to keep them safe. Like BT says, it’s good to talk.”

Emmaus has provided a stability for Geordie that he hasn’t found elsewhere. It’s given him a home, and a place to get his life back in order. He says that the management has been great with him, and that he has good mates to share stories with. He currently has no plans to move on, and has made his peace with that idea. “If I’m a lifer, that’s fine with me.”