Emmaus Brighton prides itself on being a destination for all the family, and we know how important our pre-loved toy section is to many visiting parents – especially given the cost of buying them new. So we’re incredibly grateful for all the quality toys that you donate to us.

But lately we’ve been given a lot of toys that we just can’t sell. No one wants games and puzzles with pieces missing, broken forts and dolls’ houses, cuddly toys without a CE safety label, or a bag of loose bits.  And, like you, we’re aware of recent news reports about the dangers of older toys that might contain banned chemicals or toxic paints.

So stuff like this ends up going into our skip, which costs us money to offload. In fact in recent months we’ve had to dump around 80% of the toys donated to us because they’re just not in a saleable condition.

Of course we want to continue to sell quality, safe toys at Emmaus prices. But we just can’t afford to keep throwing so much stuff away.

So please support us, and the children who come here, by making sure that any toy you donate is clean/ labelled/ boxed/ complete/ working – in fact all the things you’d look for yourself, if you were buying it.

Our Emmaus community – and all the kids we welcome each week – will really appreciate it.

Thank you.