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19 September 2020

This week we are accepting the following donations:

We are looking for a Finance Manager (Interim)...

18 September 2020

...for 1 year, up to £34,000 per annum, full-time, 37.5 hours per week, 5 days a week. Application Deadline: 2nd October 2020. Find out more here.

The Emmaus Holm Oak Tree

25 July 2020

Believed to have been planted approximately 150 years ago.

Protecting our Community and our customers

14 July 2020

Face masks/coverings are now required to be worn in all our shops during your visit.

Rich & Danny's 100-mile-challenge

11 July 2020

Dan and I never imagined we would ever be homeless let alone sleeping rough in a million years. Unfortunately, this was the case and very real.

Hurrah! We're open

16 June 2020

It’s good to be back!


13 June 2020

We were inspired by the Japanese New Year tradition of Fukubukuro or Lucky bags.


13 June 2020

'Lucky bags'.

We're reopening soon!

05 June 2020

We're reopening soon!

Q: When will Emmaus Brighton & Hove reopen?

21 May 2020

Q: When will Emmaus Brighton & Hove reopen?