We're busy getting ready to reopen the Secondhand Superstore sometime next week and In order to help keep everyone safe we are having to reduce some of the areas where traditionally there has been lots of browsing and handling of goods.

We know you love books because last year we sold well over 25,000 of them. So rather than having to remove them from sale for a while, we decided to think outside the box and were inspired by the Japanese New Year tradition of Fukubukuro or Lucky bags.

Each of our Lucky bags has a label which tells you the theme of the bag, how many books are in it and the price of the bag. All great value for money.

Emmaus Companion Daniel has carefully curated well over 50 bags so far. We really hope you that you like this new idea, which will help provide you with great reading material in the coming weeks and also generate much needed income for us after being closed for the last 12 weeks.

Every penny spent at Emmaus goes back into our Community.

We look forward to welcoming you back soon.