Our Community

Our Community

Emmaus Brighton & Hove is the largest Emmaus Community in the UK.

We have 53 resident Companions who staff our shops and café. We are situated in Portslade Old Village on the south coast of England 4 miles west of the centre of Brighton.

Emmaus Communities enable people to move on from homelessness, providing work and a home in a supportive, family environment. Companions, as residents are known, work full time collecting and reselling donated furniture. This work supports the Community financially and enables residents to develop skills, rebuild their self-respect and help others in greater need.

Central to the work of an Emmaus community is helping others. Our founder said 'serve first the one who suffers most'. For more on this aspect of our work see our "How we help" section on this website.

Companions receive accommodation, food, clothing and a small weekly allowance, but for many, the greatest benefit is a fresh start. To join a Community, they sign off unemployment benefits and agree to participate in the life and work of the Community to the best of their abilities.

Emmaus is a secular movement with 350 communities and groups spanning 37 countries, with 25 Communities in the UK. Each Community aims to become self-supporting, with any surplus donated to others in need.